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Executive Speech Coaching

Be a dynamic, inspiring and persuasive leader by delivering sensational speeches that engage, motivate, and move your audience to action! 

Want to AMP UP your communication skills to the next level?

Mimi simplifies the process to develop dynamic speeches and presentations, so you can become a more skilled, confident, and effective public speaker. No more overwhelming lists of techniques to memorize.  No overly complicated six-step formulas and no cheesy overused antics. By identifying and building on your existing strengths, Mimi takes your presentation skills to the next level while teaching you the foundational aspects of any presentation: content, organization, and delivery. As a result, you will exhibit an executive presence as you deliver compelling, result driven messages that highlight your vision, and captivate your audience. Schedule a complimentary discovery session with Mimi to confirm that Mimi’s approach is the perfect fit for you. Make an investment in your career today!

Mimi offers over 10 years of training and coaching experience to C-Suite Executives, business and sales leaders, entrepreneurs, and technical experts. She has a proven track record of success as a World Class Speaking Coach crafting pivotal TED-X presentations. 

Check out speech coach client Reed Maltbie's Ted-X Video

Business Coaching

Are you in search of your unique purpose, passion, or calling? Do you ever feel you are working hard and not seeing results? Have you plateaued in your business and ready to make a change?

Then now is the time to create the authentic business you’ve always dreamed of and take it to the next level by building and growing your business with a trusted advisor!

Mimi will help you identify the obstacles that may be blocking you from excelling in your business and achieving your personal goals by giving you the tools you need to overcome challenges and develop your path to success.

Mimi guides you though the 5 Focus Areas in AMP UP Success! 

  1. Sales Up – Learn the foundational pillars on how to sell with confidence

  2. Systems Up – Streamline and develop new processes to focus on the important aspects of your business

  3. Shape Up – Throw out self-limiting beliefs blocking you from abundance and prosperity in your business

  4. Staff Up – How to hire the team that will share in your vision and make you successful

  5. Strategy Up – Market your business like never before, develop the strategy to make you successful not just tactics.

New focus areas can lead to: 

  • An increase in productivity and sales that will nourish your soul and your pocket book.

  • Your biggest dreams become a reality through attainable goals.

  • Changes in your processes to gain more time for YOU.

  • Breakthroughs in leadership development, sales, and marketing.

Each of these things will get you closer to achieving your goals by balancing your time, increasing your income, gaining a loyal clientele base, and greater self-confidence and clarity through your journey.


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"When I first encountered Mimi Brown while chaperoning at a student leadership conference, I was more mesmerized than the students by her captivating and charismatic persona on stage.  She had a way of connecting with the student and the adults through her words, presentation and humor.  My co-worker and I immediately sought conversation with her after the keynote presentation.  Afterwards, I contemplated ways to interact with Mimi, whether it was through a workshop for the students at my high school, or personally participate in one of her vision board parties, or hire her as my personal life coach.  I chose the latter; after our initial discovery session, I was motivated and excited, but financially challenged at the time.  However, after a life altering event, I officially launched my own business and travelled with another business travelled with another business partner to an amazing business launch conference.  While attending the various conferences and hearing the speakers, I knew I needed an accountability partner that would help me sown this new knowledge into working my business on a part time basis. I knew Mimi was the one!  And she has become just that; she’s my Coach, my mentor, and my Master Mind. 

At the conference, I emailed her, “Do you remember me, and do you have space for me in your schedule?”  Long story short, the experience has been beyond AH-MAZING.  Mimi is literally a Master; she’s the Yoda to my young Jedi self in the world of entrepreneurship.  Whether it’s a professional challenge, personal crisis, or business dilemma, she has ALL the resources to help me overcome it.  She’s well-read, well-connected, and overall just a wealth of knowledge and a breath of fresh air.  I’m so glad our paths crossed, and I know I’ve evolved as a different person, thinker, entrepreneur as a result of Amelia, Mimi THE Coach, Brown.”