Be Selfish. It is okay!

Not to long ago, I was flying to Phoenix for an National Speakers Association meeting and as I settled in my seat, the flight attendant was going through her usual run down of the all the safety information. Usually by this point, I am trying to find a comfortable position, so that I can drift off into sleep land. But, for some reason for this trip, I actually paid attention.  The flight attendant went on to remind us to fasten our seat belts and if the oxygen masks deployed to put our mask on first, before helping others.  For me this sparked a thought…. How often in your life and business are you helping others BEFORE you put on your own mask?  This week’s video focuses on just that concept. How well are you taking care of yourself? Whether you’re CEO of the household, running your business part time or a full fledged rocking entrepreneur – are you taking the time to take care of you? Make sure you watch out for tip #2 in the video— it gives you a practical, easy to apply golden nugget that you can implement THIS week!