Three Ways to Attract More Money

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Hey there!

Would you like to bring more money into your life and business? Are you struggling from paycheck to paycheck or client to client? Have you achieved some form of success with money before, but can’t seem to bring money in consistently? Have you been wondering, really, what does it take to attract money to you? Through my research and work with my clients, I’ve identified three surefire ways to raise your attraction around money. Here they are:

UNCOVER AND DECLUTTER YOUR MONEY BLOCKS:  Most people have blocks around money and abundance. Sometimes those thoughts and beliefs have been with us for so long, we don’t even recognize that they are there, let alone that they are not serving us. Think back to your childhood for a moment, did your parents ever say the following to you:

• Money doesn’t grow on trees.
• Money is the root of all-evil.
• More money, more problems.
• I can never seem to make ends meet.

These are self-limiting beliefs. They are not facts! If one or more of these beliefs existence in your world, do you think you’ll attract money to you? Actually, you will do just the opposite! You will repel money. Why, you ask? Subconsciously, you are focusing on the fact that money is bad or wealth is for greedy people. It is counterintuitive to what you’re asking for. One technique is to simply question your beliefs. Become a belief bloodhound detective and look for your beliefs around money. When you let go of your inner money blocks, you will attract more money.

GIVE IT AWAY:  Here’ a little experiment, Place a quarter into your hand. Extend your arm out and make a fist. Hold your fist as tight as you can. Now ask yourself, “ Could anyone come and grab the quarter out of my hand?” If you’re clinching your fist firm enough, probably not. However, the next question is, can you receive any additional quarters? The answer is no. This experiment connects to the second way to bring more money into your life and that is through “Giving It Away”. Most folks give with a closed fist and in fear. It sounds kind of backwards. However to receive more, you need to give more. Give openly and freely to whatever source provides you with spiritual nourishment.
Typically, 10% of your income is a good number to start with. It opens the floodgates of abundance because you’re keeping the natural order of giving and receiving in balance. Ask yourself, where I have been most inspired this week? That would be a great place to start to give.

Just like the example above, if you have a closed fist, you don’t necessary lose what you have in your hand but you can’t gain anything either. This closes the loop of the flow and attraction of money to you. If you give from a place of fear, you will attract more fear. Give with an open hand, open heart, and when you’re inspired to give. Giving out of obligation sends a different energy out and possibility will make it more difficult to receive.

PRACTICE GRATITUDE: This is so important! Show appreciation for the money you already have in your life, and you’ll attract more. Remember, what you focus on expands. Being grateful, sends off a signal of appreciation, and you will receive more things to be thankful for. Here is the key; it has to be a genuine level of gratitude. Start right now, what are you truly grateful for in this moment? Build upon that and your energy will shift around money. Get into that feeling.

Lastly, EXPECT these tips to work for you. Create success by expecting success! The power of positive expectation is that you’re building the muscle of expecting to see what you’re asking for and it will show it! Have fun with it, start asking, “ I wonder how big money will come to me today?” This will keep your brain in tune to seek and find opportunities to link with your expectations. Take inspired aligned action, when they do come along. You can’t get this wrong!
With Love and Appreciation For You,

Mimi B